Mission Possible

Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to become a culinary genius who can whip up a nutritious balanced meal, fit for a king, on the budget of a pauper.

“Impossible!”  you say wiping the sweat that trickles down your brow at the mere thought of entering the kitchen.

“Impossible?” I say in disbelief. “Nay!  This mission IS possible!  All it takes is a willingness to learn and a little practice.”

“Really?” you ask with your eyes widening in surprise.

“Absolutely.” I say, “and I am here to help you learn every step of the way.  Let’s get started.”


Cooking Is A Journey

When I left home at 18 years old, I was ill prepared to take care of myself.  I did not know how to cook, clean, do laundry or balance a budget, but that did not discourage me from trying.

The first time I attempted to cook a chicken I nearly burnt down a university kitchen and my first biscuits baked so hard that they literally became pucks for several rounds of street hockey.  Despite frequent failures, I managed to learn to avoid endangering people with terrible food.

Eventually I became quite good at cooking and instead of recoiling in horror, people began asking to buy things I had made.  I felt happy and excited that people really liked food that I had created and it spurred me on to work in various aspects of the natural food industry until I graduated from college.

When I married and became a homemaker in my late thirties, the knowledge and skill I accumulated during my lifetime enabled me to feed my family well during hard financial times.  As a result, I came to realize that cooking knowledge greatly influences a families health and quality of life, especially when that family does not have much money.

I have a strong desire to pass my knowledge onto others who can benefit from it.  I hope this website nourishes you and your family, increasing health, vitality, skill, and happiness.